Under the Helmet: Kurt Pohs

We received a wonderful gift this year in the form of a transfer from the Great White North.  Kurt Pohs played high school ball in Tacoma and took his talents north to PNCLL Division 1 power house Simon Fraser.  Since arriving on campus Kurt has done nothing but work hard and integrate himself into the team’s culture.  Kurt is a blue collar player, never complaining and always going hard for the team.
He’s a lock down defender with a quiet demeanor that can fool you into taking him lightly, which I recommend never doing.  He’s surgical with his stick skills and has a knack for playing high quality lacrosse as well as an uncanny ability to make great decisions on a consistent basis. Kurt has been an amazing surprise for the program and his dedication to his teammates and developing his skills is unparalleled.
Kurt is coming off an injury and will be making his return this coming weekend after missing a few games with a concussion.  We can’t wait to unleash him on some unsuspecting little lax bros.  We’ll cut him a little slack if his answers don’t make all that much sense, he is in fact coming back from a concussion after all…
Full NameKurt Joseph Pohs
Date of BirthApril 6th, 1993
HometownOriginally Portland, but then we moved to Olympia, Wa when I was 5. So one of those. Canada if you ask Sean
Year: Somewhere between a sophomore and junior thanks to transferring
MajorBusiness with a focus in Entrepreneurship
Position: Defense
Jersey Number: 23Q: What is your favorite Food?
A: Mexican is always good, burgers too.

Q:  Who is your go-to musical artist?
A: I’ve been listening to a lot of Slash and Seattle rock bands like Alice in Chains lately. All time favorites would be Blue Oyster Cult and Rush. I get my music taste from my dad.

Q:  Favorite movie? Why?
A: “Senna” It’s a documentary about the life of Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna. He was a guy who always raced as hard as he could and stayed away from the politics of a sport easily corrupted by money. He also gave back to his home country of Brazil and tried to help children in poverty.

Q:  What is your favorite eatery around the University of Portland?  What do you usually order?
A: Eastside Deli. I get a ham and turkey roasted sandwich with some lettuce, olives and honey mustard

Q: When did you start playing lacrosse?  What was your initial motivation?
A: I started playing the summer after 7th grade. I was bored at my grandma’s house and ended up flipping on a Portland Lumberjax game when they were part of the NLL. It looked similar to hockey, and seeing as I can’t skate, seemed like the closest I could get. I went to a beginners clinic that summer and got hooked, even though I had no idea of what was going on.

Q: What has been one of your greatest accomplishments as an athlete? 
A: Being named as one of the captains of my high school team my senior year. I was a d-middie and never a top scorer on the team, but my coach appreciated the work I had put in.

Q: Describe an embarrassing athletic moment. 
A: It has to be my first goal in high school. It was raining, and we were playing on a mostly mud field in seemingly the middle of nowhere against North Kitsap, who were absolutely terrible. Since we already had a big lead, I was allowed to play some offense and took a shot from up top. It hit the goalie’s shoulder, but trickled over the line. I was ecstatic and went for a chest bump with one of our defenders, who was a football linebacker. Physics took over and I ended up falling on my ass and covered in mud. Worth it.

Q: When are you the most nervous while you are competing? 
A: I can never sleep well the night before a game. There’s no more time to prepare and all the possible outcomes go rushing through my head.

Q: Which game are most looking forward to this season? Why?
A: We play Whitman on my 21st birthday, so I’m definitely looking forward to that for multiple reasons. 

Q: How would you give away $50,000? 
A: I would give it to the American Cancer Society. I’ve lost 2 grandparents to cancer, and its a disease that affects everyone in one way or another. They put on the Relay for Life walks that are a great way to get involved in the fight.

Q: If you could have super power, what would it be?
A: Being able to fly would be awesome, and would alleviate the hassle of trying to find the one parking spot that is open on campus when I’m trying to get to class.

Q:  What would be your dream job, and why?
A:  I’d love to be my own boss and run a small business. I think it allows you to actually solve issues people have much easier and quicker than some big name corporation. 

Keep the boys in mind this weekend as we hit the road for two critical divisional games with heavy playoff implications.